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K.T. Hanna

the long road to publication

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Originally from Australia, K.T. Hanna met her husband online, packed up and moved to Kansas. Yes, you read that right, Kansas. She is now happily married with 2 corgis, a schizophrenic cat, a spooky horse, a flock of seasonal ducks and, of course, her husband.

She has been writing in one form or another for many years and tends to drift towards the fantastical, speculative and darker sides of things. Procrastination is one of her best friends and distracts her far too often.

After a year long stint as a writer/host/producer for a successful and profitable gaming podcast, her love for fantastically worlds has won. She's finally started the long haul of writing, submitting, and being rejected in the hopes that by the end of it all - something of hers will be published somewhere.

Current WIP
TDP #1

TDP #2

TDP #3